IndyCar: Expanding to 28 or 29 cars could spell big trouble for series

With Jay Frye telling Racer he thinks we could see 28 or 29 cars on the grid in 2023, watch what you think so.

F1 only runs with 20 cars, and it’s 75 times more popular than IndyCar around the world (75 million TV viewers per race).

It is not quantity that counts, but quality.

Potential Problems:

  1. Many of the pit lanes cannot accommodate that many cars.  Will teams have to double stack their cars like F1 does during caution period pitstops?
  2. Honda and Chevy have already said they are at their limit on how many cars they can supply.  They stretch it for the Indy 500, but to do it for all the races?  Good luck
  3. Teams already cannot get enough crew members to field the cars on a consistent basis.  In some instances, it has been a revolving door.
  4. More cars = more accidents = more caution flags = more boredom for fans, especially when the pace car leads the most laps

If IndyCar thinks having that many cars on the grid is a good thing, they had better think again.

Mark C. reporting for


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