The Impact of Casino Sponsorship on the Racing Industry

If you’ve watched any racing, you’ve probably noticed the branded logos on the gear, T-shirts, cars, and the Driver’s jersey. You can often see the names of many big brands as sponsors, but more recently, those bold logos are of online casino brands. The reality is that when you see your favorite driver or preferred jockey wearing a specific casino logo on their gear, you might be drawn to check out that casino.

What is a Casino Sponsorship?

The online casino industry is on the rise, and more and more online casinos appear on the web every day. While not all states allow online sports booking, many have been fortunate to operate their sportsbook legally and successfully. A casino sports sponsorship isn’t just beneficial for the team and helps promote the online casino, attracting more players. Players are more likely to bet with the online casino as they watch the race, so it’s a winning situation for both sides.

What Are the Benefits of The Online Casino?

The benefits are huge, and many online casinos are doing everything they can to sponsor racing. Most casinos online, such as online casino Canada, are always looking for ways to get more players and increase their income. So, let’s see the benefits for the online casinos when they do sponsorships.

  • They’ll build their brand reputation: Although there are countless online casinos, they don’t have a great reputation. When an online casino does a sponsorship, they raise the reputation of the sport they’re sponsoring and their brand reputation.
  • They expend in a new market: Some states limit the types of games that the online casino can offer. Expending in the market of iGaming is an excellent way to attract more players and sports lovers who love sportsbook betting.
  • They’ll secure their legitimacy: Since countless online casino sites exist, players are sometimes worried about safety and security. Hard-core gamblers are hesitant and are less likely to try a new online casino brand, but if they see the casino’s logo while watching their favorite race, it will confirm the online casino’s legitimacy.

Popular Racing Sports and The Impact of Casino Sponsorship

Let’s see the impact of casino sponsorship on some of the most popular racing sports such as NASCAR, Formula 1, and MotoGP and even horse racing.

NASCAR and Casino Sponsorship

NASCAR has not been an attractive sport for casino sponsorship, but all that is changing. More and more online casinos are getting interested in this racing sport since more and more gamblers want to place a bet on their favorite NASCAR driver. When a casino does a NASCAR sponsorship, they can get their brand logo on the racing cars and use the driver’s personality to promote their casino. Casino sponsorships benefit both sides: players can bet live on the NASCAR race, and drivers can get big cash prizes.

Formula 1 and Casino Sponsorship

Formula 1 is the number one racing sport in the world, so many big names in the business are interested in sponsoring the popular teams and drivers. This sport is adored by millions of people worldwide, so imagine how beneficial it will be for a casino when millions of people can see your brand logo? Some of the biggest names in the casino industry are interested in sponsoring Formula 1 races because they know how beneficial it will be for their business. Since we’re talking about the number 1 motorsport in the world, online casinos are ready to cash in big money for the sponsorship.

MotoGP Racing and Casino Sponsorship

MotoGP racing is also one of the most popular motorsports, with a fan base worldwide. While it was not common for casinos to sponsor this type of racing, now more and more online casinos are interested. MotoGP has a huge worldwide fan base, and gamblers love the thrill when placing a bet during the raging motor race.

Horse Racing and Casino Sponsorship

The sponsorship of casinos online has a great impact on horse racing. There are many types of sponsorships, but casino online sponsorships are a big deal because a lot of cash is involved. Horse racing sponsorship is excellent for both online casinos because they’ll attract more players willing to make a bet and for the sport because they can get a huge amount of money for wearing the casino brand logo.

  1. Jockey Earnings

Jockeys receive their paycheck for every race they run and a bonus if their horse wins. Unfortunately, jockeys are self-employed, so they must use their money to pay agents, fees, insurance, etc. Casino sponsorships are great for jockeys because they can benefit greatly from them. Getting a sponsorship means more prize money for the jockey, and they’ll receive extra cash based on their profile and success. These sponsorships give jockeys a higher income, and their horses get better condition in the facilities.

  1. Horserace Levy

The Horserace Betting Levy Board collects a levy called Horserace Betting Levy. They often collect 10% on all bets on horse races, and all that cash is used to improve horse care, increase prize money, and improve the racing facilities.


Casino sponsorships don’t come cheap, but have excellent benefits for both sides. Online casinos will attract new players, who are willing to bet on their favorite sport, and racing teams will get additional cash prizes and improved sports conditions.


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