IndyCar: Zanardi involved in house fire in Italy (Update)

Zanardi was discharged last December to continue his recovery at home, but a fire in the solar panel system at his villa in northern Italy caused damage to the machines he needs for his everyday life.

The news of Zanardi has now been able to return home again was confirmed by Giannettore Bertagnoni, director of the Complex Operative Unit for Functional Recovery and Rehabilitation at the San Bortolo hospital in Vicenza where the starter of 44 F1 races was being treated.

“The patient was stabilized according to the procedures that distinguish our recovery and functional rehabilitation unit, which starts from the most sophisticated instrumental diagnostic investigations to define the patient’s condition and recovery potential,” said Bertagnoni, quoted by Motorbox.

“On the basis of this, a recovery plan is developed and implemented that is always customized and multi-disciplinary, the result of intensive work made possible by the presence of adequate resources in terms of experience, skills, personnel and technology.”

August 3, 2022 

(GMM) Alex Zanardi’s bad luck has continued to chase the former Formula 1 and IndyCar driver into 2022.

Two years ago, the now 55-year-old – who lost both legs in a horrific 2001 Indy crash – sustained head and facial injuries in a serious hand-cycling accident in Italy.

Now, Italian media report that Italian Zanardi is in a clinic in Vicenza after his villa in Noventa Padovana, in the north of the country, caught fire.

The reports say the fire was caused by a defect with the solar panel system, with the German news agency SID claiming “machines on which Zanardi depends were damaged”.


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