F1: Dutch GP survives another tree hugger axe attempt

(GMM) The Dutch GP has survived yet another attempt to strike Zandvoort off the Formula 1 race calendar.

According to local media reports, environmentalist organizations had asked the country’s Raad van State (Council of State) to revoke the circuit’s environmental permit until a final ruling in 2023.

Tree huggers get all warm and fuzzy when they hug a tree

The revocation would have cast serious doubt on September’s second running of the renewed Dutch GP.

In April, a court in Haarlem had initially dismissed the environmental organizations’ claims about incorrect nitrogen calculations, but they then lodged appeals.

The Council of State declared that it had made its decision in Zandvoort’s favor after weighing up the environmental and economic impacts of the F1 event.

It said the circuit has made “significant investments” in the natural areas around Zandvoort, although it admitted that further research into the nitrogen impacts should now follow.

“We are once again pleased that the Council of State also recognizes that all parties involved have acted carefully in this regard,” said Zandvoort director Robert van Overdijk.

“The ruling indicates that the new nature permit restricts the operation of the circuit, and for that reason alone, there can be no increase in nitrogen deposition.

“But it is also good to report that we are intrinsically motivated to become more sustainable.”


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