F1: Andretti’s F1 deadline for 2024 ‘very close’ (Update)

Mario Andretti told Racer months ago, “Michael’s whole plan is to expand all operations, expand even the facility in Indianapolis where we’re going to have much more capability to be able to manufacture aspects of it (the F1 car), not relying on other vendors.

“But the base operation, engineering, everything is going to be out of the UK. That’s solid, that’s the way it’s going to be. We don’t need to confuse all that. A lot of people said, ‘You’re a dreamer to operate out of the U.S.’ No, that’s not the intent. We’re not stupid about these things.”

In another interview Mario said, “So a lot of work has been done. We know where the facility is going to be built in the UK. We know we have people, prominent individuals that have done this type of work as far as start-ups. We have a lot of things in mind.”

Question #1: How will Andretti have a car on the 2024 F1 grid in 19 months time?

  1. If they are not going to rely on a vendor like Dallara to build the car, a facility has to be leased, built out with technology, CFD computers, and manufacturing equipment.
  2. Personnel must be hired, including drivers, engineers (a lot of them) etc.
  3. The car designed.
  4. The car manufactured and mated to an engine, transmission, etc
  5. The car tested
  6. Transporters acquired and furnished.
  7. At-track hospitality and car service equipment setup
  8. And much more

Answer: Like the Haas team did, Andretti is going to need a race car design and manufacturing company like Dallara (who may still be connected with the Haas team – could be a conflict of interest) to help get a car ready 19 months from now.  Otherwise, we don’t see it happening, unless Michael Andretti has secretly gotten all this started.

August 4, 2022 

(GMM) A deadline that will derail Andretti’s plans to enter Formula 1 is fast approaching.

Former McLaren driver Michael Andretti is pushing hard to get the green light for a new American entry in F1, but meeting severe resistance from some existing teams.

When asked about the status of the Formula 1 plans, Andretti Autosport’s executive vice president Jean-Francois Thormann told Speed Week: “We are not waiting for the final version of the 2026 regulations.

Jean-Francois (JF) Thormann, Executive VP and marketing director of Andretti Autosport

“We want to start earlier. But for the 2024 plan, things are getting tight. Yes, the deadline is very close,” said Thormann, who is also chief operating officer.

Speed Week correspondent Gerhard Kuntschik speculates that Andretti’s deadline is the European autumn.

A secondary priority at present, therefore, is the driver lineup – with the leading candidate being top IndyCar star Colton Herta.

“We’ll see who fits best,” said Thormann. “An American would be very good, but is not obligatory.”

It is believed Renault is already lined up to be the power unit supplier, but Thormann insists: “We are basically talking to all possible partners.”

As for a F1 factory, Andretti operates its Formula E operation out of the former Marussia facility in Banbury, UK, but Thormann said a better space would be necessary for F1.

“Our current Formula E base would not be sufficient for Formula 1,” he admitted.

He denies that Michael Andretti, 59, has “unfinished business” in Formula 1 from his ill-fated McLaren adventure in 1993, insisting that F1 simply makes sense for the company.

“IndyCar, Formula E, Formula 1 – that would be an interesting portfolio, wouldn’t it?” said Thormann.


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