F1: COTA USGP could crush last year’s 400,000 attendance – Epstein

COTA chairman Bobby Epstein told Motorsport.com that the track could “crush last year’s numbers” given the demand for tickets, but that it is focused on keeping the fan experience as good as possible.

“We just got a new road out to the circuit, which we badly needed,” Epstein said. “As long as we feel like people can have a good experience, and we can execute on that, those are the things we focus on.

“We don’t control the content on the track. We control the entertainment and your off-track experience.

“Our capacity could be a lot higher, and that’s one thing we’ll look to do over the next few years.”

Maybe 500,000 some day? Looking down from atop Turn1 before the start of the race Sunday at COTA in 2021 where 400,000 showed up over 3 days.

Epstein said COTA was working on adding another grandstand to accommodate a further 6,000 fans, signalling the demand that he felt could sustain further US events.

“If everything is not sold out, then almost everything is sold out,” Epstein told Motorsport.com. “It actually was within two days of going on sale in spring. It’s amazing.

“The demand in the US right now is incredible, and will absolutely support three races, and could support many more.”

“I think we’ll continue to be both a favorite for the racing purist, for the festival-goer, and I think also for the value buyer,” said Epstein.

“We want to make sure that we don’t price people out. I think while we have very high-end stuff, we’re going to make sure we still remain accessible to the everyday fan who we certainly care about.

“[I’m] not saying that the others don’t, but I think the other events are so unique. Vegas is going to be under the lights at night, and a very different event.

“And then Miami is the international city that Miami is, and it’s a different end of the calendar. I don’t think it’s any different for us as is Montreal or Mexico City, or for that matter, Hungary or Australia.

“It’s just a different race at a different time of year, and there’s plenty of fans in the US to support them all.”


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