IndyCar: McLaughlin proud of his 2022 improvement

Scott McLaughlin has expressed his pride to bounce back mentally from arguably the most challenging year of his storied racing career to date.

With three races remaining this year, McLaughlin has two wins and an additional three podiums to his name – making him an outside chance to win the IndyCar championship.

“If I just stayed off the loud pedal at turn three and at Indy 500 and didn’t crash there, it’s points,” said McLaughlin, who lies 58 points in arrears of series leader Will Power.

McLaughlin at Indy Penske Entertainment: Mike Young

“Then Long Beach, I hit the inside wall like a gumby. Spun there, points. There are so many that have gone begging. Indy GP we were leading, chose the wrong tire. Points.”

There is no doubting though that McLaughlin has speed to burn, which he’s shown throughout the 2022 campaign.

This year’s effort stands in stark contrast to his debut in which he lacked mid-season pace.

“Like I’ve said to you and many people all year, we’ve had pace this year, and that’s all I ever wanted,” he explained.

“Last year was tough. I’ve always said it. It’s tough mentally. To bounce back like we have this year, it’s a proud moment.

“I still fully believe I can win a championship. I feel like I’m going to three tracks I really enjoy; Gateway, Portland, Laguna.

“Yeah, we might be an outsider, but I don’t care. I’ll be an outsider as long as I can be, and maybe we can switch that closeness in second the other way.

“I’m very proud of just the efforts. Me and Benny [Bretzman, engineer] have worked really good together all year.

“Kyle Moyer, my strategist, my team have been fantastic. I’m just really proud of the advancements we’ve made as a team.

“I can’t thank my team enough for having their backs with me as well throughout that period when it was tough.”


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