F1: Andretti plans F2 and F3 team if F1 team accepted (Update)

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Updating this 8-month old article from way back last August when we published it, since some outlets are pawning this news as new today.

The F2 and F3 European ladder entries that the Andretti team plans, will be run out of the UK, which is where Andretti Global’s F1 design team will be located.

Michael Andretti did not have the luxury of doing European ladder series racing before trying F1 in 1993 and that lack of European track experience hindered him.

If an American driver wants to take a crack at making it to F1, driving one of Andretti’s F3 or F2 cars would be an excellent opportunity.

All this is, of course, predicated on Andretti’s F1 team being approved to enter F1.

August 15, 2022 

In the face of resistance from figures like Toto Wolff, Michael Andretti is still set on entering not just an F1 team, but also two feeder series teams.

As the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula 1 is naturally the main goal. However, it is evident that Michael Andretti recognizes the value of the lower formula too as he has had teams in the IndyCar feeder series’ for years.

In an exclusive interview with Motorlat, his father Mario outlined plans to add to the current F2 and F3 grids.

“Michael and the team – and this is clear – they’re committing to field teams in Formula 3 and Formula 2 as well.

“How many major Formula One teams have Formula 3 or Formula 2 teams? Name me one? No, they don’t. We would.”

“This is something that was promised and committed to the FIA because Michael has done this on his own. [Andretti Autosport] is basically the only team [from IndyCar] that field [cars] in Indy Lights.

“He has brought up talents right from those ranks, and so there’s another thing that I think is a plus. We’re all in,” he concluded.


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