Rumor: Audi will not make August 31st deadline

The FIA dragged its feet so long in ratifying its new 2026 engine regulations, Audi may miss the deadline of August 31st to declare its intentions to enter F1 for the 2026 season.

Audi believes they can circumnavigate the August 31 deadline, but some teams in the F1 paddock delayed the power unit rules approval so Porsche and Audi could not be ready for 2026.

Sky Germany report an Audi spokesman as having said they will “now examine in detail” the new regulations and that a “prompt decision” is “not to be expected”.

The spokesman added: “The regulations were passed during the summer break when Audi AG was not in session and some relevant decision-makers, including the board of directors, are on holiday.

“As far as we understand it, the process for the registration of power-unit manufacturers for the 2026 season has not yet been initiated by the FIA.”

Audi plans to buy the Sauber team and rename it Audi, but there are said to be complications. A deal looked possible but Sauber’s owner, Swedish billionaire Finn Rausing, may be insisting he retain decision-making veto power, much the same way his demand killed the Andretti deal.

Porsche are reported to have welcomed the approval of the engine regulations at a meeting of the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council and said further information about their prospective entry with Red Bull would be disclosed “at a given time”, meaning likely soon.


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