Rumor: Joe Gibbs pushing Kyle Busch out to make room for little Ty Gibbs (Update)

This rumor is upgraded to ‘fact’ today.  Joe Gibbs Racing will run little 114-pound Ty Gibbs, grandson of team owner Joe, next year in place of Kyle Busch.

Latest reports say that Kyle Busch will race for Richard Childress Racing in 2023.

Blood is indeed thicker than water.

August 19, 2022 

Corey LaJoie may have provided some clues about what is happening to Kyle Busch and the #18 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota.

On his podcast Stacking Pennies, LaJoie and his co-hosts were talking about Busch and how his unknown future may be affecting how he races.

During the discussion, LaJoie said about Busch, “Well he’s not driving that car next year so I guess he can do whatever he wants to with it.”

That seemed like a bit of a bombshell and his co-host tried to provide an out to keep LaJoie from saying something he shouldn’t be saying, but LaJoie further explained what he thinks will happen.

“Kyle Busch isn’t driving the 18 car next year,” LaJoie said. “It’s not happening. I hate it for the Kyle Busch fans. He will find a job somewhere. Hearing some rumors, there are certainly offers on the table. Two potential Chevy teams, a potential Ford team, and there’s also an option potentially with Toyota.”

“But I think we’re going to see our little buddy in the 18, guys. That’s just what it is.”

The “little buddy” that LaJoie was referring to is Ty Gibbs, the 19-year-old grandson of Joe Gibbs. Ty has been driving the #45 in place of Kyle’s older brother Kurt, who is recovering from a concussion he suffered at Pocono last month.

114 pounds soaking wet,  Ty Gibbs, grandson of team owner Joe Gibbs

LaJoie did note that these are rumors but as a NASCAR Cup Series driver, it’s possible he would know a lot of insider stuff that’s being talked about in the garage. Not to mention, LaJoie’s comments make a lot of sense.


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