IndyCar: Guayule Natural Rubber Update

AR1 spoke with Rachael Potee, Communications Manager, Consumer at Bridgestone Americas, regarding how the new alternative (green) tire fared after the first run at the NTT INDYCAR Series at the Big Machine Music Grand Prix two weeks ago on the streets of Nashville.

Potee was very pleased with the wear of the new tire.  She stated it was similar to the normal red alternative tire wear.   The wearing surface was made from the old rubber.  Only the tire sidewall was made from guayule natural rubber and there were no blown sidewalls.

Because the wearing surface was the old rubber, Firestone was expecting the tire to wear the same and it did.  The only fear is whether the tire sidewalls, made from the Guayule natural rubber, would blow out under the strain of racing.

AR1 asked if that would be our new alternative tire for next season.  Potee replied that    Firestone had not yet decided where the green tire made from Guayule natural rubber would be used.  It might be used only on the street courses next year.

Lucille Dust reporting live from World Wide Technology Raceway


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