F1: Robert Shwartzman to get two FP1 outings – Binotto

In a Saturday morning press conference at the Italian GP, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto  revealed where Robert Shwartzman will likely take part in Free Practice 1 for the Scuderia.

Binotto stated that Shwartzman would make his appearances at the United States Grand Prix, and in Abu Dhabi at the end of the year.

“Robert will have two free practices from now to the end [of the season],” Binotto said.

“When, maybe I’m wrong, but I think it’s Austin and Abu Dhabi.”

“Robert is a fantastic driver,” Binotto declared.

“I think he’s very fast, especially in an F1 [car]. Whenever he drives an F1, he has been very fast.

“There are other drivers that maybe are great in F3, F2, and then are not good enough in F1.

“I think Robert is one of the opposites; he has been great, certainly F3, F2, but he’s very, very strong in F1.

“And so it’s a shame for him not to have any seat at the moment.

“This season he has worked a lot on the simulator, he has worked a lot helping our team in developing the current car.

“I think as a driver he has improved, he has developed his own skills, and today is a lot more mature than even a year ago.

“He’s a driver that would deserve a seat,” Binotto added.

“We know it’s very difficult right now in this situation but hopefully in the future that may happen.”

F1 needs more teams to open up more seats – period.

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