F1: Series will stick with 3 races in the USA

Adam Stern of Sports Business Journal reports that F1 feels that there could be the capacity to have more than three races in the U.S. but that right now it’s not looking to expand further, managing director of commercial Brandon Snowsaid at the AXS Sports Facilities & Franchises and Ticketing Symposium.

Snow was asked by an audience member whether the series feels there’s room to expand more. This comes after N.Y. Mayor Eric Adams reportedly offered F1 a site to run a race in his city. Going to four races would be controversial, in that many F1 fans already regularly complain on social media that the series is becoming too U.S.-centric. Most countries in the world just host one race annually.

Snow responded to the question: “There is more capacity to go bigger in the U.S., but I would say that for now we’re very comfortable with three. When you add in Montreal that’s four and with Mexico that’s five (races in North America). We have a maximum number of races we can do – we have 23 already and I think 25 is probably the max. Certainly the U.S. has growth opportunity but I think for now we’re fine with where we are.”


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