F1: Is it time F1’s American owners step in and apply pressure

Americans own F1 (Liberty Media) but you would never know it. While the sport is booming under their leadership, they are asleep at the wheel when it comes to its home country’s American fan base.

The anti-American bias has existed in F1 ever since the Bernie Ecclestone days when he would, on a daily basis, belittle and badmouth American drivers and American motorsports.

He even had ex-drivers like Niki ‘The Rat’ Lauda calling it “Lazy Racing.”

The bias extended throughout the F1 paddock.

Bernie Ecclestone polluted the F1 paddock with his anti-American bias for 2 decades. It still exists today.

And it still does.

We suspect the British still carry an inferiority complex because they lost the war to control America (American Revolutionary War) and then America had to come in and save their posterior from complete annihilation by the Nazis and Hitler.  If not for the Americans, England would no longer exist.

Ditto for Toto Wolff and his German Mercedes team, whom the Americans and its allies crushed in WWII.

But we digress.

Toto Wolff Executive director of the Mercedes AMG F1 Team needs to have his wings clipped as he wields far too much influence in the F1 paddock.

The Anti-American attitude in the F1 paddock and the FIA is beyond reproach.

The only thing the F1 teams and the FIA care about are the big USA sponsor dollars they get from companies like Oracle.  They do not want American drivers nor any American teams.

Yes, the Haas team is American, but you would never know it because there is nothing American about the team except Gene Haas’ American checkbook to keep it afloat. The man running the team, Guenther Steiner, is as anti-American as they come. He looks down his nose at American drivers as if they are dirt.

If Liberty Media wants F1 to really become a big hit in their home country, they would be wise to pressure the FIA to approve the Andretti Global entry (or help get them married up with an existing team or engine manufacturer) and get an American driver like Colton Herta into a car capable of being competitive.

Currently, F1 is enjoying a boom in the USA, much because of the Netflix series Drive To Survive, but how long before American fans lose interest in the sport when there are no American drivers and no ‘real’ American teams?

Not long, we assure you. And at that point F1 can kiss the three American F1 races – Miami, COTA and Las Vegas – goodbye

Mark C. reporting for AutoRacing1.com


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