F1: Las Vegas GP releases first renderings of Pit/Paddock Building (2nd Update)

Joe Saward reports in his latest Green Notebook that F1 will soon be able to reveal its plans for its pit and paddock development in Las Vegas.

“It all seems quite impressive, and I am told the big push will be to promote the facilities as being the most technologically-advanced building in the world. What this means is not entirely clear at the moment, but it is certain to include unprecedented levels of resource efficiency and intelligent features.

“This will be a useful promotional tool for the sport. I am told that it will not only be sustainable  but will be so efficient that it will balance all emissions created during construction and even, perhaps, in the manufacturing of all materials required for the construction.

“It is all good for F1’s sustainability programs, although until the sport counts the emissions produced by spectators on their way to and from the track, it is all a bit airy-fairy. From what I hear there will be a covered paddock, between the pit buildings and the team offices, and there will be bridges linking the two, so that VIPs can swan around without getting in the way as much as they currently do.

“The pit building will also feature a huge F1 logo, which will be flat on the roof, this will use dynamic digital illumination techniques to promote F1 day and night as it will visible from all planes going into and out of the airport.

“The facilities will include some form of permanent F1 exhibition space that will aim to draw visitors all through the year, helping to promote the sport and generate revenues at the same time.” Joe Saward/Green Notebook from Manila

September 28, 2022 

LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Formula one racing in Las Vegas is just over a year away.

The race headquarters will be located several blocks east of the Strip, behind Planet Hollywood, at Koval Lane and Harmon Avenue.

This year, Formula 1 spent nearly $240 million for just under 40 acres on the Las Vegas Strip. It was just a vacant lot at the time, but now, construction is underway to prepare for the mid-November race in 2023. The lot is already filled with signs of the race to come.

September 23, 2022 

Next season, Las Vegas will be added to the F1 calendar. Currently, in the US gambling city, they have already started preparations for next year’s Grand Prix. Work on the buildings, including the paddock and pit boxes, has already begun, the organizers shared via social media.

They revealed the first renderings of its new multi-use paddock that will become F1‬’s U.S. headquarters.

Current Empty Lot
Pit/Paddock Building
Pit/Paddock Building


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