Maximizing your Racing Viewing Potential

No matter what form of motorsports you like most, everyone is faced with the issue of access. Thanks to complicated licensing negotiations between motorsports sanctioning bodies and the various TV broadcasters, it’s impossible to merge every sport onto one platform; hence fans today are constantly having to hunt for the where to watch their favorite series.

This can confuse and frustrate viewers, who might otherwise assume the advanced digital age would streamline the process.

Luckily enough, however, some key elements in this equation can help to simplify the entire process. Understand these factors and it’s much easier to watch what you want, to mitigate the risk of missing out on the big races, and the small ones, too.

Keep on top of the News

If you’re a fan of many different types of series, then chances are you occasionally miss out on something you intended to watch live. Nothing’s worse than not realizing a race passed you by, only to have the result ruined for you by somebody talking about the podium, but this can be avoided. publishes the upcoming weekend TV schedule for races weekly, so that is one place to look.

As noted by ExpressVPN, the biggest sports affect huge trends in mainstream interaction, so it’s natural that these events won’t be missed. In MMA, this has even been dubbed the “Conor McGregor Effect”, where the media obsess over big matches so visibility is maximized.

Of course, if you prefer smaller or more esoteric events, staying abreast is that much more difficult.

The best way to avoid missing out is to add checks into your daily schedule. Our site covers a lot of what you’ll need to know, but if you’re into smaller or more regional races, finding coverage might be a little more difficult. Consider signing up for Twitter and adding the relevant accounts to your notification feed. This way you’ll never miss out.

2022 Singapore GP Lap 1 action – Jiri Krenek photo

Know your Choices

While news feeds and Twitter will ensure you keep up to date, you’re still going to need to know where to set your sights for viewing. For readers both in America and beyond, there’s a wealth of streaming services available, all battling for industry supremacy, but few will live up to their hype. As found in this article by CNET, streaming services for sports aren’t created equal. Many fans still prefer to watch races on regular over the air or cable TV.

Both Cable TV plans and streaming services can be expensive, so we recommend carefully weighing up your options before making a choice. What races do you watch each year, which would you consider watching, and which can be viewed via other avenues for cheap or even free?

On top of this, racing fans should also know that there are dedicated websites and services for subsections of sports, with many series also being available on YouTube for no cost. With apps, different tiers of subscriptions, and user-friendly designs, your choices don’t need to be limited to the more traditional options.

NASCAR fans love Old Glory” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Jared Smith

Ultimately, the best ways to maximize your racing viewing potential will depend on your setup, how long it’s been since you’ve changed plans, and your technical knowledge. For a start, we’d always recommend a 50Mbps or faster internet connection. If you have that set up, go on to research streaming options, and how much a change is going to cost. It might take a little work, but don’t be surprised if, after an initial hurdle, you end up paying less for more.


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