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Formula 1 News: Saudi Arabia unveils new Qiddiya City Circuit (4th Update)

Saudi Arabia has unveiled a ground-breaking new racetrack designed to stage the biggest international motorsport championships and elevate the country to the pinnacle of the sport. ​

Overlooked by the formidable Tuwaiq Mountains in Qiddiya City, the fast-flowing Speed Park Track is set to excite racing fans around the world with some of motorsport’s most recognizable features. ​

Qiddiya Saudi Arabia Circuit Layout.
Qiddiya Saudi Arabia Circuit Layout. Supplied

Designed by race drivers for race drivers, the track will form a central part of the transformation of Qiddiya City into a global destination for entertainment, sports and culture based on the power of play.​

Qiddiya City will be home to a groundbreaking new racetrack that aims to elevate Saudi Arabia to the pinnacle of motorsport by becoming one of the world’s leading motorsport venues, the Board of Directors of the Qiddiya Investment Company announced today.​

Located in the heart of Qiddiya City, the configurable Speed Park Track will blend functionality, state-of-the-art technology and unique customer experience and is poised to host an impressive roster of the world’s most prestigious racing events.​

The track, which will sit at the center of an area dedicated to motorsports, will also boast some of racing’s most recognizable track design features.​

Commenting on the launch, Abdullah Aldawood, Managing Director of Qiddiya Investment Company said: “The Speed Park Track will be a true embodiment of Qiddiya’s power of play philosophy and position Qiddiya City as the home of Saudi motorsport and one of the world’s leading motorsport venues.​

“Visitors and spectators will be treated to one of the most unique race experiences in the world with a pioneering track that will be ready to host some of the world’s biggest motorsport events.”​

Sky Pool
Sky Pool

Designed by Austrian former Formula One driver Alex Wurz and German circuit designer Hermann Tilke, the fast-flowing track has been designed by race drivers, for race drivers, and pushes boundaries to the extreme, featuring 21 corners and utilizing Qiddiya City’s dramatic landscape to create over 108m of elevation gain per lap. ​

Its centerpiece will be the pioneering “Blade” at turn one – an awe-inspiring elevated section of circuit that dramatically rises more that 20 stories above the ground.​

The Speed Park Track has multiple configurations with two distinctive sections including a street circuit section and the fast open track section which are fully integrated into Qiddiya’s neighboring attractions, bringing entertainment, sports and culture together.​

When it comes to spectating, motorsport enthusiasts will enjoy one of the most thrilling and immersive race experiences in the world with multiple vantage points for fans and viewing terraces at the edge of and within the track. ​

Adrenaline-fueled attractions, experiences, and events will also surround the circuit, blending the thrills of motorsports with the vibrancy of cultural and entertainment hubs – drawing on Qiddiya’s power of play philosophy.​

To add to the excitement and unrivaled experience, the track will be seamlessly integrated with surrounding attractions, with the “Blade” turn rising above a music venue below and drivers racing alongside Falcon’s flight, the world’s tallest, fast rollercoaster located at the neighboring Six Flags Qiddiya City. Sections of the track will also run alongside a water theme park located in the city.​

Qiddiya’s power of play concept leverages decades of research showing that play is vital for human cognitive development, emotional expression, social skills, creativity, and physical health. Studies have demonstrated the positive effects of recreational activities on society, their ability to bridge differences between individuals, and enhance levels of empathy and social cohesion.​

The unveiling of the track also follows the announcements of the Qiddiya City Gaming & Esports District and the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium. ​

More announcements are due in the coming weeks​

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Facts and Figures

  • The “Blade” at turn one reaches 70m high (20 stories), rising above a music venue, and surrounded with LED strips
  • Competitors will be able to go over 325km/h on the track
  • Speed Park Track will utilize Qiddiya City’s dramatic landscape to create over 108m of elevation gain per lap
  • Terrace-style viewing replaces conventional grandstands, putting spectators at the heart of the action
  • The circuit features 21 corners and 80 garages, indicating its readiness to host the world’s largest motorsports events
  • A wide range of motorsports events can be accommodated, demonstrating the track’s versatility and ensuring year-round activation
  • Track designed by Austrian former Formula One driver Alex Wurz and German circuit designer Hermann Tilke
  • The configurable Track will have a high-speed section, and also extend into the streets of Qiddiya City
  • Exclusive Viewing Lounge with views across the Track and the surroundings, featuring a viewing Majlis, private suites, and offices, adds to the distinctiveness of the Speed Park Track
  • Race weekends at Qiddiya City will stand out on the racing calendars: beyond the thrill of the race, motorsport fans will be able to experience the City’s diverse sporting, cultural and entertainment offerings
  • The track seamlessly integrates its surroundings, weaving through the water theme park
  • The neighboring park visitors will taste the adrenaline of racing cars, with Six Flags’ rollercoaster, Falcon’s Flight, running parallel to the track
  • Street sections running through cultural neighborhoods create a unique feel around the track, blending global motorsports with Qiddiya City’s unique identity
  • The track is set against the backdrop of Qiddiya’s iconic cliff, integrating the track with its natural surroundings.
  • Speed Park Track can be used as public realm on non-event days, highlighting the innovative and versatile nature of the Track
  • Several walkable areas will facilitate the mobility around the track and its neighboring entertainment and culture areas

March 19, 2023 

(GMM) Saudi Arabia is launching an audacious bid to add a second Formula 1 race to the sport’s annual schedule.

It was already known that the high-speed street layout in Jeddah was only intended as a stop-gap solution while construction of a permanent facility in Qiddiya.

Construction of the entertainment megaproject Qiddiya, in the capital Riyadh, got underway in 2019, but the finish-date for the F1 venue has reportedly been pushed out from this year to as long as 2027.

In the meantime, therefore, Saudi automobile federation chief Prince Khalid bin Sultan al-Abdullah al-Faisal said Jeddah can keep hosting the race – with Quiddiya to then be added as a second venue at a later date.

Prince Khalid bin Sultan al-Abdullah al-Faisal

“The popularity of Formula 1 is growing, including here,” he said in Jeddah. “Saudi Arabia is a big country, and if there are three races in the US, we can host two.”

Saudi Arabia and surrounding regions are indeed ramping up their presence in F1, with Aramco-sponsored and partly Saudi-owned Aston Martin roaring up the grid and Qatar Airways recently unveiled as a new F1 sponsor.

Quiddiya, however, will be a jewel in the crown of Saudi’s F1 involvement.

“There will be hotels, parks, there will be a lot of things,” said al-Faisal, “but for now we cannot move the grand prix there – it’s just a large construction site.

“We do want to bring Formula 1 there when the project and the city are completely ready, but it will take longer than we expected.”

He admitted, however, that it is not yet confirmed that Saudi Arabia will be able to host two races per season.

“Many factors need to be considered,” said Prince Khalid, a member of the ruling royal family.

“Even if we want to have two races, will it be practical and feasible for FOM and the teams? But the track in Jeddah is no longer considered temporary, so in the future we will theoretically be able to host two.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how it ends up.”

March 18, 2023 

–by Mark Cipolloni–

We reported on this last year and the topic was raised again on Friday

Saudi Arabia is open to the possibility of hosting two Formula One races per season in the future, chairman of the Saudi Automobile & Motorcycle Federation Prince Khalid bin Sultan Al-Abdullah Al Faisal reiterated Friday in Jeddah during the third running of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

As we reported previously on these pages, work is already underway on the country’s second F1 circuit in Qiddiya.

“The idea of having two races in Saudi is doable,” Prince Khalid said. “F1 is growing, there is a lot of demand here and because Saudi is big, the regions are so far away, it’s like the [United] States.

“You have three races in the States because the market is big there and there is a demand. The demand is there, but the decision is not made.

“There is a lot of things that we need to consider and I don’t know if even we want to host two races here, is it practical and feasible for FOM and the teams?

“We built this track [Jeddah] to last, so in theory, yes we can have two races. The sport is growing, the demand is growing, so I would not be surprised if Saudi, in the near future, will host two races, I wouldn’t be surprised.

“The demand is there and we have two beautiful facilities.”

Have they talked to Stefano Domenicali and F1 about this?

“There’s a lot of things that we need to consider but I’m sure that the people in Saudi Arabia would be happy to have a race in Qiddiya and Jeddah, we can offer two races. Even if that happens, it’s going to be two unique races, they are going to be two different unique circuits, for what I’m seeing and what is planned for Qiddiya.

“So you’re going to have two unique venues, different regions, I’m sure if you’re going to do it, it’s going to be two different… I mean one at the beginning and one at the end [of each season]. Too early for this, but I wouldn’t be surprised.”


October 17, 2022 

(GMM) Saudi Arabia is keen to host a second annual Formula 1 race.

The Arabian kingdom held its first night grand prix on the streets of Jeddah last year, with sports minister and former racing driver Abdulaziz bin Turki al-Faisal admitting he “wouldn’t say no” to a second venue.

“We really see the benefits of these events for the kingdom and that’s why we invest so much,” he is quoted by Sport1.

He said Saudi Arabia “definitely” has the capacity for two Formula 1 races each year.

“We need to discuss it with Formula 1 to see how it goes,” the minister added.

Currently, a new permanent circuit is being built in Qiddiya, which is reportedly an entertainment megaproject in Riyadh – the Saudi capital.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali, however, says the sport’s annual calendar will hit its maximum capacity of 24 grands prix next year.

“I don’t want to discuss a further increase in the number of races,” he is quoted by motorsport-magazin.com.

“When choosing venues, we take into account many factors but have quite clearly decided that 24 is our maximum, even if there are many more offers than there are dates on the calendar.”

One option for Saudi Arabia might therefore be alternating between its two F1 venues each year.

“That was the case in Germany with the Nurburgring and Hockenheim and it could be an option for us,” al-Faisal said.

At the same time, the fate of the highly popular Dutch GP at Zandvoort is still undecided beyond next year.

The Noordhollands Dabglad newspaper quotes race boss Jan Lammers as admitting that “nothing has been signed yet” beyond 2023.

October 15, 2022 

Unlike the Bernie Ecclestone days when he became filthy rich and everyone else hurting for money due to runaway costs, under Liberty Media’s ownership Formula 1 is very profitable today for both teams as well as race promoters.

The USA will have 3 races next year and now Saudi Arabia wants a 2nd even though the country is new to hosting F1 races.

They already host a F1 race at a street circuit in Jeddah, but that was always been viewed as an interim measure before its new state-of-the-art facility at Qiddiya near Riyadh is complete in 2026.


Qiddiya rendering

However, Saudi Arabia’s minister for sport HRH Prince Abdulaziz Bin Turki Al-Faisal has expressed some interest in keeping Jeddah on the calendar too.

Asked about the possibility of two races in Saudi Arabia, Prince Abdulaziz said: “We won’t say no.

“We really see the benefits of having these events for the Kingdom, and that’s why we’re investing so much.

“Maybe you’re focused more on sports, but we’re doing the same in culture, and entertainment and even exhibitions, and a lot of things that we look at.

“We definitely could host two races already for that. But I think that’s something that we have to discuss with F1 and see how it goes. But we definitely would love to have that.”

It will be an iconic place to have an F1 race, with a theme park that’s next to it,” he said.

“We think it’s a good transition [from Jeddah], because it’s a totally different environment. So you won’t have two races that are the same in one region: in Jeddah, it’s by the sea. But when you go to the other, it is the desert, it’s more of a different vibe to it.

“Qiddiya is a huge project. Hopefully, they finish on time. So it could finish plus or minus, within their targets. But if it does, then that’s the idea to move there.

Qiddiya Rendering

“I think Qiddiya will be one of the most exciting places to visit in the world. It will have so many things to offer. We are lucky that we have the guidance of our Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud as he chairs the board of this project. When we started working on it his direction was this: whatever is in your wildest dreams — let’s make it a reality.

“We have spoken to Formula 1 and have said if there were no restrictions, what would be your ideal facility, and we will create that. And it will be more than just a racetrack. Qiddiya will have theme parks, top-of-the-range hotels, restaurants, pop concerts. It will be a motorsports and entertainment complex that will be open every day of the year. We have some amazing ideas and are very excited about it. I can promise you it will be truly spectacular.”


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