Automotive: Florida Home That Survived Hurricane Burns to the Ground from EV

After surviving Hurricane Ian, some homes in Florida are facing a new danger: electric vehicles catching fire due to their batteries being corroded by the floods.

State Rep. Bob Rommel and state Fire Marshal Jim Patronis have been particularly vocal about the threat of EV fires in the aftermath of the hurricane.

Rommel tweeted on Monday about a house that had managed to outlast the hurricane, but couldn’t survive the EV fire that later started in the garage.

“This house survived Hurricane Ian with very little damage that was until the Tesla in the garage caught on fire. House is now destroyed,” Rommel wrote.

Patronis later tweeted pictures of the destroyed house.

“This is the house [Rommel] pointed out yesterday that caught fire from an EV. Burned to the ground. Caught the neighbor’s house on fire too,” he wrote on Tuesday.


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