F1: Hamilton spotted leaving Jewelry store with mystery blonde

After taking in the Denver Broncos game on Sunday in Los Angeles vs the LA Chargers, and before heading to Austin for the USGP, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton was spotted on Monday at XIV Karats jewelry in Beverly Hills with a mystery blonde.

24-year-old model Grace Lindley was spotted leaving Lewis Hamilton’s Beverly Hills hotel cabana (below) this past February. Lewis also exited the cabana with his phone in hand shortly after at that time.

Since this is again in Beverly Hills with a blonde, we believe it to be Lindley, but because the woman is wearing a face diaper (above), we cannot be 100% certain.

Hamilton, at 37 years old, is 13 years her senior if it is indeed Lindley and if they are dating, or perhaps they are just friends.

Lewis Hamilton was seen with Grace Lindley in LA last winter

If they are dating, they are keeping a very low profile. Before Hamilton, Lindley was dating39-year-old Scott Disick in 2021, but he is now involved with Kimberly Stewart, the 43-year-old daughter of Rod Stewart and model Alana Stewart.



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