F1: Verstappen responds to F1 paddock hypocrites

Max Verstappen says ‘rivals’ calls for Red Bull to be punished heavily for a minor overspend breach of the budget cap are born out of envy.

The Dutchman thinks rival teams are simply out to get Red Bull because of how successful they have become this season in particular, having won 14 of the 18 races to have taken place so far.

“Nothing has been confirmed yet but as a team, we know what we have to deal with and I think we were very clear on what we think was correct,” said Verstappen during an interview with Sky Italy on media day for the United States Grand Prix.

“It’s still ongoing and at the end of the day it’s not my job – it’s between the team and the FIA.”

Asked about the questions raised by other teams, the 25-year-old added: “I think it’s mainly because of course we have been doing well – they try to slow us down in any way possible.

“That’s how F1 works as well, everyone at the end of the day is a bit hypocritical. I’m fine with that. We just have to focus on our job.”

“I think as a team we are only growing and becoming stronger. We will of course appreciate this year, but also hopefully next year we can do something similar.”

#1 F1 hypocrite who outspent everyone by hundreds of millions of dollars for 8 years straight to create an unbeatable car.  Toto Wolff Executive director of the Mercedes AMG F1 Team during the Austrian GP, 6-10 July 2022 at Red Bull Ring track, Formula 1 World championship 2022.


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