W Series: Hamilton tells Formula 1 to bail-out W Series

(GMM) Lewis Hamilton has called on Formula 1 to rescue the embattled ‘W Series’.

The all-female series, won since 2019 by 24-year-old Jamie Chadwick, should have been supporting the US GP this weekend but has wrapped up early for financial reasons.

Seven time world champion, Hamilton thinks the FIA and Formula 1 should “100 percent” come to the rescue.

F1 has made Lewis Hamilton filthy rich. Talk is cheap.  Open your wallet, Lewis, and bail them out. – Steve Etherington Photo

“They’re not magnifying enough the great work that is being done,” he said in Austin.

“I think we need to be doing more, and with the organization, with Formula 1 and Liberty doing so well, it’s not a lot for them to be able to help out in that space.”

However, Formula 1 appears to be taking a different approach to the W Series demise.

Reports suggest the sport is setting up its own all-female series, with the Formula 4 cars to be run by existing F3 and F2 teams and limited to drivers no older than 20.


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