F1: Why Apple CEO Cook waved checkered flag for USGP (Update)

People across the world of F1 were quick to roast Tim Cook’s apparent lack of enthusiasm over waving the checkered flag for the USGP. He was rooting for Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen took his man to driving school.

“Possibly the worst checkered flag-waving in Formula One history,” one prominent commentator said.

YouTuber Chris Dixon, who has over five million subscribers, suggested that Cook must have accidentally taken a “surrendering your country flag-waving course.”

ESPN’s official Twitter account joined in on the joke sarcastically telling the tech boss to “calm down.”

Sky Sports commentator Ted Kravitz also chimed in, calling it “possibly the worst checkered flag-waving in Formula One history.”

“All the wealth in the world, and all the iPhones and iPads, can’t give you a strong wrist,” he added.

Others took the chance to poke fun at Apple’s business model, with one racing fan tweeting: “Tim Cook has promised to wave the flag slightly better next year, but you’ll have to pay him $1,500 for the upgrade.”

October 24, 2022 

Apple CEO Tim Cook waved the checkered flag at COTA Sunday. He never cracked a smile probably because the ever popular ‘Drive To Survive’ is staying with Netflix and not moving to Apple TV.

Apple Original Films is involved with the new Brad Pitt/F1 movie and Cook was in town to meet with Pitt and the movie production team.

Apple CEO Tim Cook does not look happy as he watches Max Verstappen school Lewis Hamilton again
Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt meet with Tim Cook who is funding their movie project
Apple CEO Tim Cook meets F1 boss Stefano Domenicali to discuss Brad Pitt F1 movie Apple is funding
Apple CEO Tim Cook gets a photo with a fan using his Apple iPhone


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