How betting Sportsbooks dealt with a NASCAR DQ decision

NASCAR’s Decision to Upend Pocono Results

Online sportsbooks were compelled to adhere to their regulations due to a startling turn of events for July’s NASCAR Cup Series race. As a result, some bettors were out of luck while others had an exciting journey.

The actions taken by the sportsbooks sets a precedent on how disqualifications after the fact will be handled in the future.

The Toyota driven by Denny Hamlin was the first to cross the line at Pocono Raceway. Bettors holding No. 11 tickets most likely exhaled a sigh of relief at that time and mentally began counting their winnings.

But a few hours later, Kyle Busch, who had come in second, and Denny Hamlin’s vehicles from Joe Gibbs Racing had been disqualified. According to NASCAR Cup Series Managing Director Brad Moran, the issue was caused by some material that was present in the vehicles’ noses where it shouldn’t have been and may have had an impact on aerodynamics.

Some deemed it to be an absurd result. It was the first Cup race winner to be disqualified by the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing since 1960, according to media sources.

In addition, Chase Elliott’s No. 9 Chevrolet, which did not lead a lap throughout the race, had been declared the winner after coming home third.

Chase Elliott crossed the finish line 3rd but was declered the winner at Pocono

Busch and Hamlin’s disqualification also pushed them to the rear of the official results sheet, moving other drivers into the top three, top five, and top ten spots.

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Sportsbook Representatives Responded to NASCAR’s Decision

A representative for DraftKings stated that in addition to paying the first-declared winners, the additional winners would also get paid. According to the sportsbook’s regulations, all NASCAR markets will be settled initially using unofficial results. If anything changes after the post-race inspections, the former winners will still be considered correct, but any new winners will be considered winners as well.

The regulations of Sports Interaction, according to Phill Gray, head of trading operations, bets that are made in accordance with the official results on race day and are not susceptible to revisions after that. As a result, SIA only made one payout to a winner, and that person’s winning tickets were based on the official Pocono results, in which Chase Elliott won the race.

Caesars Sportsbook always holds off on paying out the winners until after the race has concluded, according to spokesman Brad Harwood in an email. Caesars settled the bets according to the formal sequence of finishing, which would begin with Elliott as the victor.

BetMGM Elliott’s bettors, however, were not as fortunate. According to BetMGM’s regulations, all bets will be settled in accordance with the unofficial results, and any adjustments made by NASCAR won’t be taken into account. As a result, BetMGM determined that Hamlin had won the race hands-down, and bettors received their winnings as a result.

The outcome for FanDuel bettors was largely the same. According to the terms of the bookmaker, Hamlin won the race, not Elliott.


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