2022 USGP - F1 cars head up the hill toward Turn 1 at the start in front of a massive Turn 1 crowd

F1 is already carbon neutral

All the fuss about F1 being carbon-neutral by 2030 is all a waste of time.

Although 100,000+ people make a trip to F1 races three times a race weekend, and hence pollute the environment with their cars, globally 75 million stay home and watch the race on TV each weekend and are not out and about polluting the environment.

So the net effect is that F1 is actually carbon-negative and saving the environment.

Since 75 million is far more than 300,000+ F1 could easily argue that because it’s TV distribution is so good, far more people stay home and produce no pollution than those that attend the races.

In fact 75 million staying home and saving the environment also covers the team member and equipment transportation.

We hear there is a move afoot in F1 to make this argument.

So in fact F1 is already better than carbon-neutral.

Now, can we send the tree hugger Sebastian Vettel home to hug some bark, and bring back the Air Force Jet flyovers already.

The fans want it!

Mark C. reporting for AutoRacing1.com

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