F1: Sky Sports F1 Director to visit Red Bull begging for mercy

The Dailymail is reporting that Sky Sports’ Formula One director, Billy McGinty, is due to visit Red Bull’s factory on Monday begging forgiveness after Lewis Hamilton brown-noser reporter Ted Kravitz continued his anti-Verstappen nonsense at the Mexican Grand Prix.

Red Bull boycotted the network last weekend after Max Verstappen was incensed by Sky Sports F1 pit lane reporter Ted Kravitz saying at the previous race in Austin that Lewis Hamilton was ‘robbed’ of the 2021 world title.

Sky Sports reporter Ted Kravitz – Lewis Hamilton brown-noser

AutoRacing1.com has shown that in fact it was a strategy error by the Mercedes team and Hamilton that cost Hamilton the 2021 title.  He was not robbed, but many bias British journalists continue to spew that lie to cover up for Hamilton and Mercedes mistake.

The remark was described inside Red Bull as ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’, while Verstappen publicly talked of Sky ‘disrespecting’ his championship success and team principal Christian Horner complained of ‘sensationalism’.

Verstappen, speaking in Mexico after winning the race, added: ‘It had nothing to do with this weekend, but this year. It has been a constant kind of digging and being disrespectful, especially from one particular person. At some point, it is enough, and I don’t accept it.’

But the Dailymail hears that since then, Sky Sports managing director Jonathan Licht and McGinty have been in touch with Red Bull and that both sides have decided to draw a line under the fallout. McGinty’s visit to Milton Keynes is part of the reconciliation process. We suspect the Drive To Survive cameras may be rolling.

Will Red Bull demand that Kravitz be given another job at Sky Sports?  Perhaps Janitor?

Sky Sports managing director Jonathan Licht


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