F1: New FIA Race Director blows yet another call

Yuki Tsunoda is pissed off by the FIA’s actions in Brazil, which prevented him from unlapping himself at the Safety Car restart.

The 22-year-old Japanese AlphaTauri driver fell a lap behind the rest of the pack at the Brazilian GP – the shortest track on the schedule at just 2.677 miles

Tsunoda was not allowed to unlap himself and overtake the Safety Car at the final restart of the race.

Stuck in between several of the front-runners, Tsunoda had no choice but to pull aside and let the rest of the pack overtake him when the flag when green and racing resumed.

Speaking to the media after the race, Tsunoda explained why he did not overtake the Safety Car:

“I mean, normally, you can go through. You can pass the Safety Car.

“But I got told that you have to stay in the line… I mean, the Safety Car was lighting up the green light.

“Which means the lapped cars can pass the Safety Car, and somehow I couldn’t.

“So I got a bit of bullying from the FIA, but er, I don’t know.”

In the time since this incident, the FIA has explained why Tsunoda was the only car unable to overtake the Safety Car.

But wait, Michael Masi was fired from the Race Director position for not allowing all the cars to unlap themselves on the last restart of the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP.

As we have seen all year under the direction of new FIA President, Mohammed ben Sulayem, it’s only wrong if it affects FIA ‘pet driver’ Lewis Hamilton.  As long as you do not impact their ‘pet’ you can keep your job, no matter how bad you do it.

The new FIA Race Directors under ben Sulayem has made many questionable calls throughout 2022, but it’s all ok.


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