IndyCar: Pietro Fittipaldi must buy a ride if he wants to race in IndyCar

Haas F1 Reserve driver Pietro Fittipaldi would like to race full time in IndyCar because trying to land an F1 seat is a dead-end.

Passed him over in favor of Kevin Magnussen when it needed a replacement for Nikita Mazepin at the start of the 2022 season, and passed over again for Mick Schumacher when the team hired Nico Hulkenberg, Fittipaldi now realizes that warming the bench in F1 is all he’ll ever get.

“So basically, I would love to go race IndyCar full-time for example,” he said.

“We’re trying to do that, but IndyCar, the first year you’re there it requires funding and we’re searching for the funding to be able to do that.

“I would have gone last year if I could have but we just couldn’t secure the funding to get a full-time seat.

“There are some extremely competitive rides in IndyCar that I would love to be able to go to but just being able to find the full funding to do it, that’s the struggle.

“In any case I’ve raced with a smaller endurance team but we’ve had some good results from the middle to the end of the season, we kind of turned it around and made the car really fast and finished on the podium and that’s opened doors for me in WEC next season.

“I’ve had some really good offers from some strong teams to race in WEC next year so if I can’t do the IndyCar thing, and I do WEC and it would be a very competitive program, I would be able to continue my role at Haas.

“If I race full-time IndyCar then I’m switching the page and focusing fully on IndyCar.

“But it’s requiring getting that full funding that is so difficult.”


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