Track News: The “Nordschleife awards you the title of “Honorary Doctor of the Sciences of Speed”!

You love driving the legendary Nordschleife circuit, the world’s most demanding racetrack, at racing speed? You enjoy pushing your personal limits and those of the wheels of your choice on the rollercoaster track that is exactly 20.832 kilometers long?

For “tireless research on acceleration and velocity”, the “Nordschleife UNIVERSITY OF SPEED” awards you the title of “Dr. h. c. velocitatis”, of “Honorary Doctor of the Sciences of Speed”! And issues you a “diploma” in respect thereof bearing your name and a blazing red seal!

This off-white A4 certificate also is the perfect gift for all your friends who share your passion for fast locomotion!

And it definitely is a very special gem for your garage, your workshop, your office, your living room and, of course, also for your bedroom!

As renowned as the masters of fast lap times on the Nordschleife are: Unfortunately, the holder of this certificate is not permitted to use the honorary doctorate in civil transactions and therefore cannot have it entered in their passport …

However, this honorary doctorate is always guaranteed to provide a fascinating talking point and in the form of this certificate it is a true gem as well!

The “Nordschleife® UNIVERSITY OF SPEED” certificate is available online for just 20 euros at

You will also find many other exclusive Nordschleife® accessories there, from keychains to “Nordschleife® UNIVERSITY OF SPEED” shirts.


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