Super Formula: Cars a big step up from F2 – Lawson

Red Bull junior Liam Lawson says driving a Super Formula car at Suzuka reminded him of Formula 1 machinery, with the Japanese series a “big step up” from Formula 2.

Lawson made his Super Formula debut in the opening day of post-season testing on Wednesday, driving the Honda-powered Team Mugen car.

“It’s my first time in Japan, my first time in Suzuka, and so far I’m really enjoying it,” Lawson told Autosport.

Super Formula Test No.15 MUGEN driven by Liam Lawson

“It’s a place I’ve wanted to drive for a long time, since I was a kid. It was a really cool experience to finally drive here.

“Through sector one, the Esses, there’s basically no braking and you’re just carrying lots of speed, like 200km/h plus, with lots of G-force. My neck is definitely very sore right now!

“This is probably the best thing about Suzuka, and the Super Formula car is very good in high-speed corners, so when you put those things together it makes it really exciting to drive.”

“It’s very different, and it’s a big step up from Formula 2. It feels a lot like driving a Formula 1 car. But it’s been a good day, I learned a lot with the car, and it’s been good to get a feeling for different set-ups.”

Comparing the Super Formula car to the F2 machinery he is used to, he remarked: “The way the power comes in is different. It’s a bit smoother in this car, and I would say nicer, a better feeling with the way the power comes in.

Super Formula Test No.15 MUGEN driven by Liam Lawson

“And the [Yokohama] tires are obviously very different to the Pirellis I’ve been driving for the last four, five years. It’s my first time in a long time to drive a different tire, and it’s taken a while to get used to, but the tire feels nice with how reliable it is, and the warm-up.

“Comparing the cars, the Super Formula car is very sharp, especially in the high-speed sections. As soon as you turn, it’s very responsive, zero delay.”

“For me it would be a great opportunity to be here,” he added. “I want to be in Formula 1 and this would be a great step to take to achieve that.

“If that’s what were to happen, it would be a great way to spend my year, as well as being involved with Formula 1.”


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