F1: Vettel in talks with Red Bull, but for now he’ll plant trees

Sebastian Vettel is already being linked with a return to an F1 team just over a month after confirming his retirement from racing.

The 35-year-old is yet to divulge his future career path, and has stepped away from the demanding F1 circuit to spend more time with his young family.

And according to Sky F1 in Germany, Marko has already discussed a future ‘top management role’ with the perceptive and informed Vettel.

“It is not impossible that he will come back for a top management position,” Marko said. “We had a conversation, and if he could get a top management position, that would appeal to him.

“That became clear during the conversation. He would certainly have the potential and personality for it. But for now, we’ll let him plant a few trees.”

Sebastian Vettel contemplates which tree to hug next. Alpha Tauri is getting worse by the year under Franz Tost’s leadership.  Will Red Bull offer Vettel the Team Boss job at Alpha Tauri?


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