Video: Teardown of a CART Cosworth XD Turbo Methanol V8

The Ford-Cosworth Indy V8 engine is a series of mechanically similar, turbocharged, 2.65-liter, Indy car racing V-8 engines, designed and developed by Cosworth in partnership with Ford. It was produced for over 30 years. It was used in U.S.A.C. Championship Car, C.A.R.T., and later Champ Car World Series; between 1976 and 2007

Engines such as the Ford-Cosworth XD 2.65-liter Twin-Turbo V8 engine for example was one of a range of engines used by CART IndyCar from the XB that came in 1992. The XD engine was actually used throughout the 1990s before it was then replaced in the early 2000s by the XF and XFE engine.

It has a flat-plane crank and pushes some 900 hp to the wheels at 14,000 RPM. The Champ Car World Series imposed a rev limit of 12,000 rpm down from the over 15,000 rpm of 2002.


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