F1 Series is like a black hole sucking in fans, manufacturers and sponsors

While IndyCar has been unable to land a 3rd engine manufacturer after 12 years of trying, Formula 1 is going from strength to strength since Liberty Media has taken over F1 – like a black hole sucking in new fans, Car Manufacturers and Sponsors alike.

It’s global TV viewership of over 70 million per race dwarfs all other forms of motorsports. As a result, sponsors and manufacturers are tripping over themselves to get in.

Thursday’s announcement of Andretti Global teaming with General Motors is huge for the sport.

General Motors is the largest car manufacturer in the USA, and it has been successful wherever it races with whatever GM brand it races with. By joining F1, it enables Cadillac to put their brand in markets all over the world, which will give the brand huge returns.

GM/Cadillac joins a growing list of car manufacturers entering F1, and more are coming. Given the table below, and the number of manufacturers listed, how much longer can BMW resist joining the circus?

Car Manufacturers in F1

F1 Team Car/OEM Manufacturer Comments
Mercedes Mercedes
Ferrari Ferrari
Red Bull Honda–>Ford Maybe Ford in 2026
Aston Martin Aston Martin
McLaren McLaren/Mercedes
Sauber Alfa Romeo/Ferrari –>Audi Audi Starting in 2024
Alpine Alpine/Renault
Haas Ferrari Maybe Alfa Romeo in 2024
AlphaTauri Honda–>Ford Maybe Ford in 2026
Williams Mercedes Maybe Porsche in 2026
Andretti Global Cadillac Assuming Team Approved
TBD Porsche Looking for a team
TBD Hyundai Looking for a team
TBD Honda Looking for a team


Mark C. reporting for AutoRacing1.com


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