F1: Current Concorde Agreement locks F1 entry fee at $200 million thru 2025

The greedy existing F1 team owners do not think the $200 million entry fee for a team to enter F1 is enough.

That was set in 2021 when the current Concorde Agreement went into effect, and which they all signed.

A contract is a contract.  If they did not think $200 million was enough, they should have spoken up before signing it.

Yes, F1 is much more successful now than it was when they signed the agreement in 2020, and yes, one can argue it should be higher now.

Hindsight is 20/20.  Suppose Liberty Media was unsuccessful in growing the sport, and it was in decline? Would they still be saying the number should be higher?

They will have a chance to change that number when they negotiate the new Concorde Agreement that will go into effect for the 2026 season.

The Americans – Liberty Media – is making these teams financially wealthy now, whereas before when the British were running the series, teams were failing left and right and those still in the series were bleeding red ink.

What a bunch of anti-American ingrates.

Mark Cipolloni (aka Mark C. ) reporting for AutoRacing1.com



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