F1: Andretti-Cadillac F1 bid a “compelling proposition” – Brown

Speaking at Formula E’s Mexico City E-Prix with selected media, McLaren f1 boss Zak Brown said, “The Andretti name has such a rich history in multiple forms of motorsport,” Brown said.

“We’re partners in a Supercars team with Walkinshaw, and they also have great history in motorsport. GM is also an OEM who we race with in IndyCar [Chevrolet powers the Arrow McLaren team] and I think he’s put forward a very compelling proposition.

“I think it shows the growth of Formula One. We haven’t had a new team in a long time, since Haas. And so it’s just great to see Formula 1 attracting new markets, new teams, new sponsors.

“I think it’s great to see they want to join the sport. I think he’s put together a compelling team.”

“I’m not close to what the big process is since we’re in [F1], but I know he’s working closely with the FIA in Formula 1. This tender process hasn’t happened in a while, but what he’s doing is bringing forward his brand, his reputation, and his partners in making the best presentation possible.

“And then the FIA and Formula 1 will go through the process. I think there are also other entities as Stefano [Domenicali] commented on that are looking to join.

“I’m just excited that there’s this excitement of new teams that want to join F1; I think that talks to the health of the sport.

“We’ve seen in all forms of motor racing manufacturers come and go, and what’s great is that the manufacturers coming in talks to the demand and the health of motorsport in general in the moment we’re in, which is great. Long may it continue.”


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