F1: So what will Porsche do now?

Porsche wants to enter F1, but it has made it clear that it only wants to do so with an ownership position in a team.

They wanted to buy AlphaTauri, but the team said no.

They wanted to buy into Williams, but the team said no.

So what are Porsche’s options?

Constructor Engine Chances Comments
Alfa Romeo/Sauber Ferrari 0%  Team already did a deal with Audi for 2026
AlphaTauri Red Bull 0% Red Bull said no to a sale, will run Red Bull engines
Alpine Renault 0% Factory Renault team
Andretti Global* Cadillac 0% Already hitched their ride with American General Motors
Aston Martin Mercedes 50% Factory Aston Martin team, but could switch to Porsche engines in 2026
Ferrari Ferrari 0% Factory Ferrari Team
Haas Ferrari 10% Tied at hip to Ferrari thru 2025, only if Gene Haas has change of heart
McLaren Mercedes 50% Committed to Mercedes thru 2025, Could switch to Porsche engines in 2026
Mercedes Mercedes 0% Factory Mercedes team
Panthera Asia Racing* TBD 25% Asia team may hook up with Asian Manufacturer Hyundai. Porsche really wants an established team
Porsche Porsche 25% Porsche may be forced to field their own team, but they truly want to do only the engine
Red Bull Red Bull 0% Already rejected Porsche. May allow Ford to badge their Red Bull designed engines
Williams Mercedes 50% Rejected a Porsche buyout offer but willing to run Porsche engines

*Not yet approved


As illustrated by the table above, unless something changes, there are no longer a lot of good options for Porsche. Hence, why their F1 ambitions have been put on the back burner.

It appears the only way Porsche can enter the series is as an engine supplier.  Four teams are currently running the Mercedes Power Units.  Porsche would need to convince Aston Martin, McLaren or Williams to lease a Porsche built F1 engine.

Mark Cipolloni (aka Mark C. ) reporting for AutoRacing1.com


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