Automotive: Cadillac only delivered 122 Lyriq EVs in 2022

In total, 8,195 units of the Cadillac Lyriq were produced last year, with the highest monthly production total set in November at 2,477 units.

Nevertheless, just 122 units were delivered during the entire 2022 calendar year, 20 of which were part of the GM’s new Cadillac Lyriq Ambassador Program, which offers certain customers a $5,500 vehicle discount in exchange for giving GM permission to track how the customers used their vehicle as part of an early adopters study.

The company line is that the Cadillac Lyriq has faced a few teething issues, with GM releasing a fix for the Lyriq’s vehicle software management update earlier this year, a fix for a cracking liftgate panel in October, and a recall for display screen issues last September. At the end of the day, the more gradual rollout is intended to make sure that when customers do get their vehicle, it’s relatively problem-free.

The real reason – the high price of the Lyriq, when typical options are added, make it too expensive for most buyers.  And Cadillac buyers, which tend to be older and more affluent, do not want to have to worry about range anxiety.

They hear stories of the long wait times and broken chargers at charging locations and say give me a hybrid, please.  Only problem is, Cadillac currently has no hybrids to sell.


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