Automotive: How and Why You Should Lookup License Plate Numbers

This article covers everything you ever wanted to know about vehicle license plates, but most importantly, why you should do not only a VIN lookup (VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number) but also a license plate lookup before buying a used car from a private owner.

First the Basics – What is a License Plate Number?

Government departments across the country issue license plate numbers. The departments vary depending on the country and the state. They are a form of identification for a car. It is given to a vehicle when the vehicle is registered. It is a set of numbers pasted on the front and back of a car. The function is similar to that of a VIN in the sense that it aids in the identification of a vehicle.

Sample License Plate

License Plates and License Plate Numbers

Often times, people need to correct license plates for license plate numbers. They are not the same. License plates are the casing/material (usually metal but not always) that license plate numbers are engraved or imprinted on.

They are different types of license plates (for example temporary plates are usually made of paper or plastic). They differ depending on the country and state you are in. The type of license plate you have may also depend on the purpose of the plate. Some people have theirs customized to fit their tastes. Some add their names or nicknames or paint it their favorite color. Although this attracts a fee, the fee is small compared to the befits

Requirements for Getting a License Plate Number

Getting a license plate number requires that you follow a process. Thankfully, the process is manageable to understand. There are a few documents and requirements before getting a license plate number.

First, your car must be registered before applying for a license plate number. You cannot request a license plate number for an unregistered car. You must have tenable proof of vehicle ownership for your registration to be valid.

Also, as the name implies, you will need a driver’s license to apply for a license plate number. Depending on the state you are in, you may need a few more supporting documents to verify your identity as the owner of the vehicle. Some may require that you have a VIN, proof of insurance, an odometer reading, and the car’s make and model, among other information on you and the vehicle. Before going to the DMV, make sure to do some research on the requirements in your state.

Looking Up Vehicle History Using License Plate Numbers

A thorough license plate check is necessary when making a car purchase. Instead of going to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to do a license plate number lookup, you can do one from the comfort of your home. For accurate results on license plate lookups, Epicvin should be your go-to tool.

A license plate number lookup backed up with a VIN lookup always helps pull up all the information available on a vehicle. When making a car purchase, it is essential to do this because the information that comes up when you do a VIN check may be only some of the information available on the vehicle. When you do a license plate number lookup, you can have an ironclad report on the car you want to investigate.

Using this free and efficient tool, EpicVIN, you eliminate the hassle of manually going to an office to look up information on your car. With a few clicks, you can have all the available information on a vehicle.

Understanding VIN Numbers

A VIN is placed on all new cars when they built by a manufacturer.

Why You Should Lookup License Plate Numbers for Vehicle History

If you are wondering why you should do a license plate number lookup, here are a few reasons.

License plate numbers help with vehicle identification. It not only looks up records about the car but also about the owner. If a reckless driver previously owned the car, a license plate lookup will show information on the driver. This is because the license plate number is connected to a driver’s license, which makes it easier to track whoever is behind the wheel.

Aside from vehicle information, a thorough license plate number search will also provide information about the car’s owners.


License plate numbers are an additional means of identification for vehicles. They provide as much historical information as a vehicle identification number. The added benefit of a license plate number is that it gives information about the owner of the car as well as the vehicle.

Be sure to complete a license plate lookup when researching your car (example of what you may find here). The extra information the license plate number lookup will give you is what you need to make the best decision concerning the vehicle you are considering.



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