Automotive: Can You File a Car Accident Claim Without a Police Report?

While you don’t always need to get a police report after an accident in Florida, you may want to do so anyway because it can help support your claim as evidence.

However, depending on the nature of the accident, car accident lawyers Fasig | Brooks advise their clients that a police report may be required. You should first understand your rights and how to proceed with a car accident claim, no matter the circumstances.

Which Circumstances Would Require a Police Report After an Accident in Florida?

For minor car accidents, you are not legally required to obtain a police report. However, there are circumstances where these reports are mandatory. If your car accident resulted in such extensive damage that your vehicle had to be towed away, you must report it to the police.

Additionally, Florida law also requires that a police report be filed within ten days of the accident if the crash resulted in injuries or death. These reports are also required if the accident caused over $500 in damages, blocked the flow of traffic, or was caused by driving under the influence.

Why Should You File a Police Report After an Accident?

While you can make a car accident claim without having a police report in minor incidents, the situations described in the previous paragraph require you to file one. Additionally, it could benefit you as the victim of the car accident.

This important document serves as crucial evidence that lists the date and time of the accident and all the crucial details. It will include the name and contact information for all drivers involved and any witnesses. It will also have the insurance information for each driver and the police officer’s name and badge number.

This report can help you prove that the liable party was present and at fault for the crash. It can also show that your injuries were caused by the accident. Should things get complicated, the witnesses listed on the police report can be summoned to provide statements that support your case.

What to Do About Your Accident Claim If You Don’t Have a Police Report

If you did not file a police report, you could use other evidence in your car accident case. However, it is best to seek representation from a personal injury lawyer to help you through the process.

A lawyer can use your medical records, visual evidence in the form of photos or videos of the scene, witness statements, and traffic camera footage to prove your claims. The insurance company should still issue compensation without a police report, though they all have different policies. It’s best to make sure you review and understand yours to know what is covered.

Things can get more complicated without a police report, especially in situations where reporting the accident is mandatory by law. Make sure you work with a car accident attorney to help you through this process so you can receive compensation.


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