Lewis Hamilton - 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, Saturday - Jiri Krenek Photo for Mercedes

F1: Hamilton wished both his mothers a Happy Mother’s Day

Lewis Hamilton grew up with two mothers, his birth mother and his step-mother.  Both are white and Hamilton is half white, but considers himself black.

He wished both mothers a nice Happy Mother’s Day Sunday, the day that England celebrates mothers.

Lewis Hamilton was influenced by both his mum Carmen (right) and step mum Linda (left). Credit: INSTAGRAM

He wrote: “Growing up with a Mum and a step Mum who have always supported me is such a gift.

“No matter what happened in school or on the track, the amount of love and care never changed.

“Making them both proud is one of my top achievements, so I’ll do everything I can to make them proud today.

“Happy Mother’s Day to them and all amazing Mums out there.”

Father Anthony Hamilton, Step-mother Linda Hamilton, birth mother Carmen Larbalestier and Lewis Hamilton


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