F1: Red Bull tried to sign Alonso 5 times (Update)

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Eddie Jordan blames Alonso for him not winning more F1 world titles. If he signed with Red Bull in 2007, he would have won Sebastian Vettel’s 4 titles (giving him 6) and now with Verstappen’s two, Alonso would have 8 titles had he signed with Red Bull.

“I actually blame him for not winning four, six or maybe even becoming eight-time World Champion, he should have picked his teams better,” said Jordan.

“In his 30s, Alonso went for the money when he could have gone a different route.

“Now he’s come back to the understanding that he has a team around him that has enough to make the car finish well, but he won’t beat the Red Bulls.

“I believe he will win races this year.”

“If I was Fernando Alonso, I know I would have a very fast and reliable car that can get him on the podium, which he’s proven twice already. You can’t get there by fluke, his speed is obvious.

“But I would look at the gap between him and Sergio Perez at the end of the race, the tires were similar.

“If I was Alonso, I’d be targeting Perez and seeing how to get into his space and head.

“It was a very good start from Alonso but Perez made a great move and pulled away, despite the fact Alonso was desperate to hold onto the DRS.

“Alonso got whipped by an unbelievable Red Bull car, and it would probably happen again because keeping up with the Red Bull is too much for Aston Martin at the moment.”

March 25, 2023 

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Sergio Perez came within an eye whisker of not having a ride with Red Bull in F1.

As Fernando Alonso reveals in this interview, he had two offers made to him in 2018 to come drive for the team. He also had offers in 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2013.  Think of how many world championships he would have won had he said yes.

If Alonso had signed in 2018, Sergio Perez would have never been Max Verstappen’s teammate.


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