Rumor: Bridgestone eyes F1 tire bid

Since 2007, Formula 1 has only awarded exclusive contracts to tire manufacturers. And it should remain so in the future. Two manufacturers in the sport would only start a fierce competition, leading to an explosion in terms of costs. Multiple suppliers are no longer involved.

Until 2010, the task was fulfilled by Bridgestone. Pirelli has been providing various tire compounds for Formula 1 since the 2011 season. The contract of the Italian company, who is also one of the series partners, runs until 2024.

Pirelli is interested in extending the contract with the FIA ​​​​and Formula 1. But it looks like the Italian company is facing competition.

Bridgestone is very interested in returning to Formula 1 from 2025, according to paddock rumors reported by German magazine AMuS.

The surging popularity of F1 has apparently not passed unnoticed by the Japanese tire manufacturer Bridgestone, which left the sport after the 2010 season.

Liberty Media are rubbing their hands. Two applicants would automatically put F1’s owner in a better negotiating position.

It is said that Pirelli is currently paying between 30 and 40 million US dollars annually. The Formula 1 management would of course like to take more in the future.

the FIA ​​started the tender for the tires from 2025 to 2027 on March 20th. With an option for another season in 2028. The contract not only includes Formula 1. Whoever is awarded the contract must, as is currently the case, also equip the junior series Formula 2 and Formula 3 with tires.

Interested parties have until mid-May to submit their application. This will then be subjected to an intensive examination by the FIA ​​with regard to the technical aspects, which should be completed by mid-June. After that, it would be the turn of F1’s owner to negotiate the commercial framework.

FIA and Formula 1 must agree on the candidate.

Pirelli has publicly stated that it would like to continue, but has not yet submitted an application. The Italians have to study the details first.

“We invest a lot of money and resources in Formula 1,” said Pirelli’s motorsport director Mario Isola at Friday Team Principals Press Conference ahead of the Australian Grand Prix.

“We are happy to be in Formula 1. The sport is healthy and in a good position. We would like to make it even better with the FIA, Formula 1 and the drivers.”

Bridgestone should have the technical know-how and infrastructure to build tires for Formula 1 and its junior series.


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