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F1 News: Todt remains silent on Michael Schumacher’s health (Update)

Jean Todt was speaking to Italy’s La Stampa as the sad ten-year anniversary of Michael Schumacher’s December 2013 skiing fall approaches.

“Michael is a friend, but I consider him part of my family,” he said when asked about the seven time world champion. “I go to see him regularly, and in the past we have followed the races on television.”

But that’s all Todt is willing to say about the highly-secretive health condition of the now 54-year-old German.

“‘How is he?’ is impossible to find the answer because perhaps the answer does not exist,” he insisted. “It’s better to keep everything private.

“The only thing I will say is that I adore Michael, I adore his family, and it is right to respect their privacy. The relationship with him at first was only professional, then it became more trusting, until it became a great friendship.”

April 1, 2023 

(GMM) Nobody except Michael Schumacher’s closest confidantes knows anything about his medical condition.

That is the word from former FIA president Jean Todt – who is undoubtedly among the privileged few who have been allowed into the inner sanctum in the wake of Schumacher’s skiing crash a full decade ago.

In those almost ten years, no official information or even a single photo of the great German – now 54 – has emerged.

Todt, however, who was Schumacher’s boss at Ferrari, reportedly sees the seven time world champion about once a month.

The Frenchman says the occasional report purporting to know Schumacher’s health status is always wrong.

“Let’s leave him alone,” Todt, 77, told Corriere della Sera newspaper.

“We respect the privacy wishes of Corinna and her children, although we know of course that the accident had consequences.

“But anyone who says he knows something, knows nothing. I always go to see him. He and his family are my family,” he insisted.

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