Max Verstappen

F1: Jean Todt compares Max Verstappen to Michael Schumacher

As team principal at Ferrari at the time, Jean Todt won five world titles with Michael Schumacher as driver. He sees similarities between Schumacher and Max Verstappen.

“He’s fast and doesn’t make many mistakes. He’s a fighter like Schumacher,” Todt told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

“On a human level, I don’t know Max well enough to judge him. When Michael was still driving, it seemed like he was a bit cocky, but he actually needed that to hide his modesty. He was very modest. He never lashed out at the team, not even at Silverstone in 1999 when he broke both his legs.

“It’s not my intention to compare the two, but that’s something he and Max are equal in.”

Michael Schumacher pictured with a very young Max Verstappen – source unknown. 


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