IndyCar: A look back at the 2008 Long Beach GP Standing start

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Owing to the configuration of the Long Beach Street Circuit, historically the rolling starts at the Acura GP of Long Beach are horrible in that that back 1/3 of the field is not even on the front straight when the leaders take the green flag – extremely unfair.

Back in 2008 when IndyCars were proper race under Champ Car, the cars were able to do a standing start, like in F1.

Here is video from the start of the 2008 Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach – the last one under Champ Car – proof that standing starts are much better than rolling starts. The other problem with rolling starts – the cars arrive at the first braking zone at a higher speed on cold tires, and typically, they crash.

If IndyCar cannot do standing starts on road and street course, then perhaps Long Beach should switch to become an F1 race and give the fans the thrill of a standing start they deserve.

One can assume that today IndyCar drivers are talented enough to do standing starts.  Maybe not, so that is why they do not do them.

When IndyCar goes hybrid in 2024, they no longer will have an excuse, as the electric motor can assist during the start, so the driver does not stall the Internal Combustion Engine and look like a wanker.


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