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F1: Evidence F1 has cracked the USA market

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Formula 1 really is enjoying itself in the United States, with commercial chief Brandon Snow revealing that half of F1’s fans in the nation have come about in the last few years.

Formula 1 has now cracked America, this proving to be a very lucrative market especially since the average age of its new fans is young.

When USA TV ratings come out after each race, F1 has 45 to 50% of its viewers in the all important 18-49 year old bracket, compared to 18 to 20% for all other forms of motorsports.

It is a spike of interest which can largely be traced back to the success of Netflix’s hit Formula 1 docuseries, Drive to Survive, and it’s set to reach stratosphere levels once the Brad Pitt F1 movie hits the big screen.

The first season of Drive to Survive aired in 2019, with the fifth having been released in early 2023, and so its impact is clear with Snow revealing how fresh much of Formula 1’s American fanbase is.

“For us, from a pure business perspective, what’s happening with Formula 1 in the U.S. right now is clearly a moment,” F1’s managing director of commercial told The Ringer.

Brandon Snow, now with F1, formerly with Activision

“You know, one in two fans in the U.S. of Formula 1 are new within the last couple of years. And within that, we have almost 30 percent of our fans under the age of 35.”

Williams F1 driver Alex Albon said, “When I come to America now, my girlfriend, she’s from L.A, the amount I get noticed now compared to where I was three years ago is huge, it’s blown up.”

“It’s a takeover, which has made the sport healthier than it’s ever been before. It’s great.”

Alexander Albon (THA) Williams Racing.

Williams sporting director Sven Smeets added, “I think that Drive to Survive helped the people to actually understand what is going on in the teams, between the teams, and has attracted a different audience to the sport.”


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