F1: Petition started to keep Spa on F1 calendar (Update)

CORRECTION: We inadvertently included the incorrect aerial photo of Spa when we originally published this article.

April 19, 2023 

Drop Spa for a race on the neutered/revised Kyalami track where passing will be near impossible?

That is the rumor, and it has F1 fans up in arms that their favorite track, one that produces some of the most thrilling racing in the world, would be dropped.

Dropped for a race that will produce almost no passing, and one that that requires so much fossil fuel to be burned to fly the entire F1 circus there, tree-hugger Sebastian Vettel might blow out a blood vessel.

The first Grand Prix at Spa was held as far back as 1925 and ever since 1985, Spa has been on the calendar every season. It would be a huge loss and an absolute travesty to see Spa being knocked off the calendar. If anything, Spa would be deserving of a similar status that Monaco has says the petition.

Sign it here.


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