F1: Backup generators may be needed at Monaco GP

–by Mark Cipolloni–

Protests against pension reform in France could result in a power blackout at the Monaco Grand Prix next month, according to French media. The race could not run without electricity, and it is questionable whether backup generators could supply enough power for the race teams plus all the fans to be safe. A citywide blackout would cause massive transportation disruptions

Strikes affecting transport, schools, and refineries have already taken place, with Sophie Binet, the leader of the CGT trade union, calling for further action from the French public.

“We have to continue mobilizing until the end, until the government understands there is no way out other than withdrawing this reform,” she said.

“We can’t move on to anything else until this reform is repealed.”

“Macron has promised 100 days to appease, we promise him 100 days of action and anger! The time is far from resignation,” the unions of the National Federation Mines Energy (FNME) said in a statement, as reported by Agence France-Presse.

The group confirmed plans to continue with “energy disturbances” targeting the location of Macron during scheduled trips.

“In May, do what you please! The Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix, the Roland-Garros tournament, the Avignon festival could end up in the dark! We won’t let go!” the statement continued.

Electricity cutoffs will be used to win “all our demands”, said the union, who claimed two power cuts this week – at Montpellier airport and a college, while Macron was visiting.


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