Joan Villadelprat

F1: Insider says Lewis Hamilton Is “Like A Spoiled Little Boy” When He Doesn’t Win

Spaniard Joan Villadelprat, speaking in an exclusive interview with Spanish publication El Confidencial, and who worked for McLaren and Ferrari during his long F1 career as well as Benetton, Tyrrell and Prost, has recently criticized seven-time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, calling him a “spoiled little boy.”

Of course, Villadelprat is Spanish and is partial to fellow Spaniard Fernando Alonso, so take what he says with that in mind.

“Hamilton is fed up and, if he doesn’t win, he’s like a spoiled little boy: you either win or you break the toys,” he told the publication.

“He’s a whiner, you know. The tires, the strategy, he questions everything, and he has screwed up. When you have a teammate who is faster than you, it is normal to be quiet and put your head under your wing.

“I think he hasn’t lost but, after seven titles… What motivates you? Well, win another. And you’re not going to risk your skin if you don’t have that car. What is evident is that Hamilton is not the same as his first or second championship.”

Villadelprat pointed to Fernando Alonso as an example of a driver who has not lost his enthusiasm despite being so far into his career.

“One has won seven, and the other two, and Fernando knows that he could have won more, that he has the potential to be ahead of Hamilton,” he said, comparing the two drivers.

“Except that Fernando’s choices were not correct and Hamilton was right. But the desire that Fernando has… The best of all is that now people recognise him, Formula 1, and other drivers – they recognize him as a phenomenon.

“If Fernando hadn’t come back, his story would have been forgotten with a title or two.

“But being in Formula 1, at his age, when he has a good car, taking what he is taking, how he is physically, enormous, and mentally he is brutal. When Fernando beats a driver, he is happy that he is the one who wins.

“Now you don’t have a word against Fernando, he’s not a bully driver. [He] is winning Formula 1 by far. Not only because of the results but because he does not fail either.”


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