F1: DRS zone in Baku shortened 100 meters

–by Mark Cipolloni–

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix (Baku) main straight is so long that making passes with DRS was deemed too easy last year, so it has been shortened by 100 meters -a little over 300 feet – this weekend.

This reduces the distance the drag reduction system can be used as the FIA continually tries to balance ‘sport’ and entertainment.

No one likes a race where no one passes – i.e. a parade.

And no one likes when DRS makes it too easy to overtake.

“The one thing we know is fans, and we know this because we don’t like it, they don’t like the ‘go down the straight, pop the DRS, overtake, drive fast, pull a gap’ all of that,” Ross Brawn said before he retired.

“In an ideal world, DRS is used just to get on the back of someone, so you can really have a decent attack.”

Green highlight depicts DRS zone


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