Ford EVs burn to a crisp

Automotive: Ford EVs burn to a crisp

Ford shut down production of the popular electric truck for five weeks following a fire in Dearborn in February. When the fire was out, all that was left was soot and damaged paint. Fire departments nationwide are in training as they learn how to put out fires for electric vehicles. But an EV fire is a dramatically different and far more dangerous problem for them.

Own an Electric Vehicle? Charge it in your garage and risk your tree-hugger car will burn your house down.

Hopefully your family will get out alive.

Democrat’s single variable Climate Hoax is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on mankind.

CO2 Levels have hovered around 400 parts per million of the atmosphere by volume since they began taking measurements, that’s 0.0004, or 4 hundredths of 1 percent.

Man-made sources account for less than 5% of CO2 produced, that’s 0.00002, or 2 thousandths of 1 percent and at best their control and tax schemes would affect far, far, less…with NO evidence it would significantly affect weather one way or the other.

Types of fires

Class Alpha fires that are based on material such as paper, wood, textile like cotton. Put out with water

Class Bravo fires are petroleum based (grease fires are a prime example) fires that would be put out with water or chemical liquids like aqueous form filming foam also known as AFFF

Class Charlie fires are electrical fires that need to be put out with chemicals such as PKP.

Class Delta fire is a fire that produces its own oxygen. Generally, this type of fire is metal fire. There is nothing that will put this fire out short of dumping dirt or sand on top of it. This is because the fire triangle is essentially self-contained. Heat fuel oxygen are all in one. With these lithium fires, that is what you have. The fire does not need atmospheric oxygen for it to burn. The chemical reaction in the lithium is enough to keep it going. The heat of this fire is really high as well, therefore the water just steaks. As for the fuel well, that is the lithium. In conclusion, putting water on this fire does absolutely nothing except waste water. Just let your tree-hugger car burn to ashes until the lithium is all used up.


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